Sweet Addiction

A botanical adventure through chocolate

Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney

On approach to the new Calyx space a family of monkeys constructed from plants encourage visitors inside the Royal Botanic Gardens’ latest experience. In Sweet Addiction, living plants are the foundation of a delightful sensory and cerebral experience, planted by the Garden’s expert horticultural team in spectacular themed displays. The exotic plants are supplemented by interpretive displays, including graphics, text, and multimedia, on a framework of elegant and flexible built elements and environmental design.

The exhibition allows visitors to touch the expansive green wall, smell a number of unexpected chocolate additives and play hide-and-seek with animals throughout the exhibition. A jungle multimedia interactive continues the fun. The exhibition opened in the Garden’s new Calyx exhibition building, designed by PTW and McGregor Coxall around Ken Woolley’s heritage glasshouse arc to celebrate the Garden’s 200th birthday.


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